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Build and Activate Your Professional Network

May 21, 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Often when we as Nomads, Entrepreneurs, and just plain humans, find ourselves in social situations we experience a level of insecurity and anxiety around interacting and connecting with strangers. In this workshop, learn how to genuinely meet and connect to grow your professional network, no matter how socially awkward or introverted you might feel! Use the tools I will provide to build your community of like-minded individuals (and possibly clientele) without being a part of the constant pitch fest. Activate your listening, connections, and curiosity through these simple steps.

Three Key Elements to Professional Networking for Location Independent Entrepreneurs:

1. The open ended conversation tactic that gets people sharing

2. The power of active listening in developing meaningful connections

3. How to add value in real time from your own knowledge base

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