Breaking into Remote Tech Jobs w/ no Degree & No Tech Background

April 18, 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The modern job market is completely different than it was 10 years ago. LinkedIn profiles are far more important than Resumes. Job Descriptions that requires 2-3 years of industry experience are consistently hiring entry level candidates. Certifications speak volumes louder than degrees. Everything has changed and if you know how to navigate the modern job market you will find yourself thriving in the tech space!

In this session we are going to learn what it means to have a Job Search Strategy and share some resources that can uniquely help you to make the transition into a new career with far less obstacles than you might think!

Bradley has worked in the Salesforce Ecosystem for over 10 years and become one of the highest paid Salesforce Professionals in the world. He has been a Senior Internal Administrator, a Senior Solution Architect with large consulting firms and has ran his own Freelance Consultancy for over 5 years. He now he splits his time between Salesforce freelancing and helping freshers/beginners get results faster and more effectively with the Salesforce for Everyone Group and the groundbreaking Salesforce Career Development program.

You can visit:

TalentStacker.com/now (free 5 day career transition course)

TalentStacker.com/wins (stories from those who have already made the transition)

TalentStacker.com/community (free resources for individuals based on the background they come from)

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