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Our Signature Course...

The Remote Ready Bundle is a structured course that will walk you through the four phases of finding and landing remote work. Over four modules we go into detail about where to find remote jobs, how to apply for remote jobs, how to nail a remote interview, and how to negotiate your job offer.


You may not need the entire bundle, you may just need help with a specific section. If so, you can buy the mini-courses. Just keep in mind, that if you buy the mini-courses you’ll miss out on the bonuses that come along with the bundle!!! 

Where to Find Remote Jobs

How to Apply for Remote Jobs

How to Nail Your Remote Job Interview

How to Negotiate Your Remote Job Offer

You’ll receive access to the courses as soon as you purchase! Make sure to check your email inbox for your course access. If you have any issues, reach out to us at

Please note course purchases are nonrefundable after 48 hours or if you watch more than 2 course videos.

Yes. Absolutely! There are companies out there that hire remotely all over the world.

If your work is done on a computer, it can be done anywhere! If you’re a surgeon or a train conductor, it might be tough (for now) but most jobs can be done from anywhere.

Of course you can! Not all remote jobs require a tech background and even if it was only tech companies who hired remotely, they would a lot of nontechnical people to run their businesses.

YEP! Most companies pay pretty competitively for the same roles as brick and mortar companies pay. I know there are exceptions but, in general, compensation depends on the company, the role, the location, your background and all the same factors that determine compensation at cubicle companies.

At checkout, there are multiple payment options including klarna, afterpay, and affirm

Courses are refundable for 48 hours after purchase IF you have not watched more than 2 course videos and, for Remote Ready Bundle students, you have not signed up for the free community pass bonus.

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