Stop talking about it and BE ABOUT IT...

You’ve been talking about wanting a remote job, but now it’s time to be about getting one

The Be About It Bonus adds 6-weeks of action and accountability  on top of our signature course to help you get from talking to doing and get you closer to landing YOUR remote job! 

During this 6-weeks we’ll teach you how to find and apply for remote jobs BUT it’s not enough to have the information if you don’t do anything with it. So we’ll also host live sessions to GET THE WORK DONE together! Plus, you’ll get an accountability partner to check in with.

If you’re already a member of the Quit Commuting Academy, you can log into the Academy and join by clicking on “Be About it Challenge” or you can join below:


The challenge will officially start on 8/7. 

You’ll sign up for our free community. Once inside the community, you can join the challenge by clicking on “Be About It Challenge”. If you’re already part of our community, you can join inside the community by clicking on the Be About it Challenge and joining. 

Challenge lessons will be posted each week for you to watch or read. A homework assignment will also be posted. 

Your and your accountability partner will check in with one another 2-3 times a week to make sure you’re watching the lessons and doing your homework! 

Weekly, we’ll have a live “CoWorking session” to go over the lessons, DO THE WORK, and answer any questions about the lessons. Plus you’ll get the chance to network with other job seekers. Searching for jobs doesn’t have to be a solo sport! 

Each week, we’ll also do a report out and share what we’ve learned and what we’ve actually done throughout the challenge.


Week 1: Be About Finding Remote Jobs

Week 2: Be About Creating Your Profile

Week 3: Be About Updatng Your Resume

Week 4: Be About Updating Your Linkedin

Week 5: Be About Actually Applying!!!!

Week 6: Be About The Next Steps


This challenge is for those of you who want to work remotely but haven’t started taking the steps to make it happen.

  • Maybe you bought our course but haven’t actually used it.
  • Maybe you’re part of our free community but haven’t taken advantage of the resources.
  • Maybe you’ve applied for a few jobs here and there but got discouraged or distracted and gave up

This challenge is for you if you’re ready to stop thinking about it, daydreaming about it, talking about it and you’re ready to BE ABOUT IT!!

Join us wherever you want!


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